«Hortus conclusus – in the garden of the senses» Galerie Weiertal

Interactive Installation «Zona Sonore» at the group exhibition «Hortus conclusus»
A defined zone within the enclosed Weiertal garden. A gridded field of 200 strange-looking artificial ‘plants’. When entering the territory, the body inevitably touches the elastic sticks, sets them in circular, swinging movements and they begin to ring and whirr softly. A soundscape gradually emerges, which intensifies or subsides again depending on the length of stay and the number of people. If only a few people are swinging, a circling buzz is heard; if many are in motion, a collective sound event is created that can swell into a hissing or roaring noise. The interactive installation «Zona Sonore» deals with the garden, the «Hortus Conclusus» as a place of contemplation and is at the same time an open space for interpretation that invites visitors to reflect on the paradox of nature, designed landscape and artificiality.

Vernissage: Saturday 25 May 2024, 17:00
Address: Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, Rumstalstrasse 55, CH-8408 Winterthur
Opening hours: Thursday-Saturday 14-18h, Sunday 11-17h

More info at: www.galerieweiertal.ch

The artists: Brigitte Baserga, Notta Caflisch, Margaretha Dubach, Elisabeth Eberle, Federstahl, Markus Fehr, Flora Frommelt, Sylvia Geel, Sabina Gnädinger, San Keller & Daniel Züsli, Brigitt Lademann, LAST nico lazúla I ruedi staub, Maboart, Mickry3 – Barbara Stirnimann, Marion Strunk and Eva Wandeler