series of work / tools

This series of video-works focuses on body images and manifestations of social appearances by using sculptural- and cinematic-techniques. The series „Tools“ are research result, hybrid additions of the body, witch retroact unavoidably on the human body and its functioning. The artificial aids, which are being used form and deform the body, fix it in one-sided procedures, functions and operational sequences. They lock the individual intercourse with the world, by inverting and materialising distinctive tendencies on the basis of the appropriate shape, outward and inside into the visibility of the public domain. Extensions and covers of the body consolidate fantasies, issue at the same time the human body in its specific defectiveness and bring up discussions about weight and vulnerability. The specific „tool “ adheres the sorrow of its necessity as a dialectic radix complement. There is deepest seriousness beside childish playfulness, the joy about the equipment and the condensed desire of escaping the own self with the invented aids. The series of photos and cinematic loops are an attempt to catch and sharpen the energy behind cultural processes. In this sense the merry absurdity of the „tools“ is an artistic self-comment about the meaningful senselessness of a ritualised self-excess.

Joseph Imorde