Eva Wandeler (*1969 in Zürich) lives and works in Zürich. Studied fashion design at the former School of Art and Design in Zurich, today Zurich University of the Arts. After completing her studies in 1994, she worked for various Stadt- and Staatstheater as well as independent theatre productions as a costume and stage designer in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Since 2000 she extended her spectrum into the visual arts, created installations and video performances and exhibits regularly. Questioning the process of leaving traces and metamorphosis characterize the artistic examination of the artist’s own body. Her series of works thematize body images and manifestations of social appearances in a performative manner, by using a wide variety of media. In a fluctuating search for a specific materiality or tool, she repeatedly relates them to everyday actions, which she parodies, abstracts, or magnifies. The photo series and cinematic loops attempt to capture the energy behind cultural processes and to sharpen them into the precarious. Several “artist in residence” residencies, such as 2009 in Johannesburg, Pro Helvetia or 2014 in Berlin at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research. From 2020 – 2023 she is artist in residence at the SNF research project “Deathbeds – an interdisciplinary perspective”. Since 2009 she teaches as a lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Solo Exhibition 2023 / «Dynamics of the Moment», Duo-Exhibition with Wink Witholt, nano – space for art, Zürich 2021 / «nor here nor there – Videoperformances von Eva Wandeler» Friedhof Forum, altes Krematorium Friedhof Sihlfeld, Zürichr / «nor here nor there – Videoperformances von Eva Wandeler», Stadtspital Waid, Zentrum für Palliativ Care, Zürich 2016 / «ritual *deal done – tool# 41», performative collaboration between Eva Wandeler and Frances Belser, sihlquai55 i n s p a c e visarte Zürich, ZWISCHENRÄUME, Performance Art Serie / 2014 / «Kopfarbeit. Videoperformances von Eva Wandeler», Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité,  / seit 2011 / «Eva Wandeler im Wasser-Kabinett», permanent exhibition, KKLB, Beromünster / 2010 / «peu à peu», Tanzhaus Zürich, installation for dance performance, Choreography by Theresa Rothemberg / «WANDELER-ALTHERR», video-installations and objects, Art Space Station21 / 2009 / «tool#25», Listerbuilding, Johannesburg, in context of the Residency of Pro Helvetia / 2008 / «Werkschau Eva Wandeler», KKL-Uffikon, Luzern / «…presque rien…», Tanzhaus Zürich, installation for dance performance and exhibition, Choreography by Theresa Rothemberg / 2005 / «fast nichts und doch nicht nichts», Kunsthalle Arbon / 1998 / «Strang», flexible installation, Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Group exhibitions 2024 / “Hortus conclusus – in the garden of the senses” Galerie Weiertal, Winterthur 2023 / «artONboard», No. 8, 6-hour cycle of 12, KUNSTimOFEN, Winterthur / «MoorArt23», Land Art in the Park Seleger Moor, ThalwilerHofkunst, Seleger Moor, Rifferswil / «Shaping the Dying», Results of the SNF Research Project Dying Beds, Berner Generationenhaus, Bern / «nano Spektrum nr.4», nano – space for art, Zürich / 2022 / «Pop-Up Showroom Lochergut», collective 6 1/2, Zürich / «vonWegen», Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, Maja von Meiss, tac22_temporary art collective 2021 / «Atlantis im Sinn», collective 6 1/2 Oerlikon, Zürich  / «ArtBox 100 – D I A L O G» Billboard intervention at Thalwil Train Station, Thalwiler Hofkunst / «Hallo, Tod!» interdisciplinary cultural festival on death, Association Kulturbande, Zürich 2020 / «Le Trou de Janvier», Wall & Stage, Zürich / 2019 / «Der verwaschene Ort», collective 6 1/2, Zentralwäscherei Zürich / «Wo die Milane kreisen», R57 & porte bleu, Ganterschwil, Toggenburg / 2018 / «Spot on Nairs – 30 Jahre Künstlerhaus», Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol / «Exposition XL», Kunstraum R57 anderswo, Zürich / «Ein Wal, der in der Badewanne aufgewachsen ist, muss denken, das Meer habe Wände», collective 6 1/2 im Exil / 2015 / «Seegang Thalwil», Interventions Seepark Thalwil, Zürich / «2ND Tbilisi Triennial S.O.S SELF-ORGANIZED SYSTEMS» Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi (CCA), Georgia 2013 / «Am I You», Artisterium Tbilisi, CCA Tbilisi, Georgia / «20 Jahre Kunsthalle Arbon – Die zweite Dekade», Kunsthalle Arbon / 2012 / «Grösser als Zürich», Helmhaus Zürich /  «Kunst-im-Bau-Projekt», SOFORT KUNST! & Fishpiece Contemporary Art, interventions in condemned buildings, Zürich-Oerlikon / «America meets Switzerland», Galerie Daniel Tanner, Zürich / «ABWEHR – Überlebensstrategien in Natur, Wirtschaft, Politik und Alltag», W.I.R.E., VÖGELEKULTURZENTRUM Pfäffikon / «Le 1er dimanche», Maison Turberg, Porrentruy / «Sofort KUNST!», interventions in cooperative flats, Röntgenareal Zürich / «Ein klein bisschen böse?», Galerie Daniel Tanner, Zürich / 2011 / «Gang ins Paradies», ArtBox und Kulturlabor Thalwil, Thalwil / «Coup de Foudre», interventions in public and semi-public space in the shopping mile of Thalwil / «Nullpunkt», Kernreaktor, EWZ-Unterwerk, Zürich / «luftlinie 2430 – as the crow flies» city-traverse with 18 artists, R57 & station21, Zürich / «Kunst Zürich Ausser», Galerie Baviera, Zürich / «die Garderobe», BINZ39, Zürich / 2010 / «Beton – eine Ausstellung mit 32 Künstlerinnen und Künstlern», KKL-Uffikon, Luzern / «Luminale», Palmengarten, Frankfurt / «Zürich am Meer 1» Intervention at Sigi-Feigel terrace, Art Space R57, Zürich/ «Kleid im Kontext», festival of the dress, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur / «Fashionable Art», Kunst Raum Riehen, Basel 2009 / «Kunst-Beton» KKL-Uffikon, Luzern / 2008 / «Kult Zürich Aussersihl», Galerie Baviera, Zürich / «Bildwelten_2», Galerie R57, Zürich / 2007 / «Federleicht – Leivischem», Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol / «Eva Wandeler & Maitu Diserens» Galerie Dos Santos, Zürich / 2006 / «curraint d‘ajer», Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol / 2005 / »Gründung Kunststiftung Kunst + Appenzell», Appenzell / 2004 / «Appenzeller Frauenaufzug», Teufen / 2000 / «Laufmasche», «Mutterkorn», Contest for Landscape Architecture, Cernier, 1994 / «Objets de Désir», Musée des Arts Décoratif, Lausanne

2020 – 2023 / Artist in Residence, «Settings of Dying – An interdisciplinary perspective 2020–2023» Cooperation HKB, BFH, ZHdK
/ Artist in Residence, Center for Literature and Cultural Research, Berlin
2009 / Artist in Residence, Pro Helvetia, Johannesburg, South Africa
2006 / Artist in Residence, Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol

/ Sterben gestalten, Hrsg. Corina Caduff, Minou Afzali, Francis Müller und Eva Soom Ammann, Scheidegger & Spiess
/ Kontext Sterben, Hrsg. Corina Caduff, Minou Afzali, Francis Müller und Eva Soom Ammann, Scheidegger & Spiess
/ Swissfuture, Magazine for Future Monitoring 02/21, «The Future of Dying»
2013 / Catalogue Artisterium Tiblisi, «Am I You?», by Magda Guruli
2010 / Catalogue «kultzürichaussersihl / the other face», by Silvio Baviera
2007 / Jubilee Catalogue Fundaziun Nairs

2022 / vonWegen, Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, curated by tac22_temporary art collective: Nico Lazúla, Ruedi Staub, Marion Strunk, Eva Wandeler