beyond or ahead of us

2013 / 4 channel video installation / Sequence 1 4:37min, Sequence 2 2:13 min, Sequence 3 3:06min, Sequence 4 2:03min / in collaboration with Frances Belser / Arthisterium Tbilisi „Am I You“, CCA Tbilisi Georgia

There is usually no time to pause and digest the experience of the moment. In a society where everything is measured in time, we take our time. We gild our actions, our activities and our time. Is the golden age over or is it still to come? The golden cloth is on the one hand an imagery metaphor – on the other hand stage and prop. The auratic charging of the colour forms a reference to themes of existence, location and trade. The focus lies in our everyday actions. Simple activities such as shopping, dancing, lying and pondering or folding laundry are thematized in constantly changing images. In the collaborative confrontation between Belser and Wandeler, variations on the theme were transferred into individual video sequences by means of the constantly changing pictorial metaphor of the golden cloth, by superimposing images, text and sounds. The separate looped video sequences form a 4-channel video installation, which are projected simultaneously and in variable sizes.

audio text of video sequence #2

No, I haven’t thought about leaving my home country.
The world has really become a big village and it doesn’t make a difference any more where you are.
It is peaceful anywhere. It is dangerous anywhere. It is beautiful anywhere. It is dirty anywhere.
We are all together and we are one in the same heartbeat of this world, which we created together.
Do we know, where our friends sent their last e-mail from? How could we know!
When you send greetings to someone, does he or she know, who you are?
Do we know, if we breathe the air of our city or if it is heavy rains from paris?
But we do know one thing : We share one heaven, and it shines and snows on us, wherever we are.

Concept, performance, camera, editing: Eva Wandeler
Concept, text, performance, voice: Frances Belser
Sound engineer: Riccardo Passani, Hastings Zurich
Set Assistant: Zura Macharashvili