2000  / Installation / steelbars and endless stockings / in collaboration with Julie Dové and André Rey / contest for landscape architecture / Cité de Cernier, Juni

A mycelium is the filamentous, growing body of a fungus. The project visualizes a section of this fungal network and, magnified under a microscope, lifts it from the underground into the visible realm. An amorphous, proliferating web, consisting of an endless stocking, wraps itself around the regular grid of an overarching system. Like in a coordinate system, metal rods mark the orientation points. At the same time, the knotted intersections of the transparent stocking can be understood as fixed points of a networked web of thoughts. It seems as if the structure continues endlessly to connect with one’s own thoughts. If one enters the garden, the strict grid seems to dissolve. The interpretation transcends the faithful image and leads us into model-like meshes of thoughts.