Nexus Bos Taurus

2019 / performance with herd of cows / brass and shrink tubing / mass variable / video 4K 40:05 min – tracked cow routes during 26 days / «Wo die Milane kreisen» Ganterschwil, Toggenburg

In autumn 2019, a group exhibition entitled «Wo die Milane kreisen» was held in the interior and exterior of the former clothing factory in Ganterschwil. The site-specific exploration led to the intervention “Nexus Bos Taurus”, in which Eva Wandeler turned cows into performers. For cows, horns are tools of communication and insignia of rank and are decisive for their social behaviour. For 26 days, the fourteen cows of farmer Xaver Amman wore abstracted “horn balls” and were tracked by GPS to record and visualize the herd’s movement routes and their network of relationships. Together they formed a constantly changing sculptural structure, at the end of which a picture, a painting was created.

The curators of the exhibition: R57 – Nico Lazúla and Ruedi Staub, porte bleue – Judith Schmid and Patrick Kliebens

The work was made possible by ALPTRACKER’s generous sponsorship.