peu à peu

2010 / room installation for dance performnance / in collaboration with Company Mafalda / choreography Theresa Rothemberg / Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich, Switzerland

How are space and materiality deformed, transformed and defined by bodies? “peu à peu” looks up and under the surface of materiality. Often the movement of the human body in space is apparently without consequences for the environment. However, the amorphous mass space follows the movement of the body. Surfaces and non-visible structures bear numerous traces of physical contact. The body itself displaces and shapes its invisible environment: the air. What is invisible to the human eye is made visible in “peu à peu”.

It is all about energetic balance, statics, systems, symmetry and chaos. The production of Eva Wandeler and the company MAFALDA is situated in the area between dance and fine arts.

Materials: 6000 styrofoam balls with magnetic core

Installation: Eva Wandeler
Choreography: Teresa Rotemberg in collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Patricia Verònica Rotondaro, Vanessa Lopez, Marco Volta