Zona Sonore

2024, brass, heat-shrink tubing, steel
Size: variable, 200 rods 1m each, staked out at 60 cm intervals, Installation size: 1m x 8m x 5m

Notiz: interactive sound installation

A defined zone within the gated garden Weiertal. A gridded field of 200 strange-looking artificial ‘plants’. On entering the terrain, the body inevitably touches the flexible rods, setting them in circular, swinging movements and they begin to ring and whirr softly. A soundscape gradually emerges, which intensifies or subsides again depending on the length of stay and the number of people. If only a few people are swinging, a circling buzz is heard; if many are in motion, a collective sound event is created that can swell into a hissing or roaring noise. The interactive installation «Zona Sonore» deals with the garden, the «Hortus Conclusus» as a place of contemplation and is at the same time an open space for interpretation that invites us to reflect on the paradox of nature, designed landscape and artificiality.

The work was realised as part of the exhibition «Hortus conclusus – in the garden of the senses» at the Galerie Weiertal in Winterthur.