Shaping the Dying Exhibition & International Conference

Conference: 30 March – 31 March 2023
Exhibition incl. guided tours: 30 March – 29 April 2023
Vernissage: Thursday 30 March 18:00, with a lecture by Thomas Macho

The international conference “Shaping the Dying” takes up different dimensions that significantly influence the shaping of dying: language, care, religion and design. The aim is to open up interdisciplinary and new perspectives on the end of life and, in doing so, to think of dying differently and to narrate end-of-life in an alternative way. The exhibition will present results of the research project „Settings of Dying”, including artistic works and design-specific products.

With contributions by:
Tina Braun (designer), Corina Caduff (cultural scientist), Gaudenz Metzger (religious scientist), Julia Rehsmann (social anthropologist), Bitten Stetter (designer) and Eva Wandeler (artist in residence).

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