manners and custom / 2015 / video / 20:01 min loop / videostills / 5 x 48 cm x 30 cm / in collaboration with Frances Belser, Sound and Voice, Triennial 2015, Tiblisi, Georgia

Note: Stamped on a 36m2 white canvas with black ink

Exhibition view: «2ND Tbilisi Triennial S.O.S SELF-ORGANIZED SYSTEMS» 2015, Tiblisi, Georgia

Manners and Customs – tool# 40 ist eine Kollaboration zwischen Eva Wandeler – Video und Performance – und Frances Belser – Künstlerin und Musikerin

A white canvas, 6 x 6 m2 – huge extensions out of foam on both feet’s, soaked in black colour. The performers body (Eva Wandeler) is used as a Stamp and mutates into a working tool. While walking and dancing over the restricted square area, marks and traces appear on the white surface, the canvas. During this process the performer disappears slowly in the emerging picture – the black square. The performance is filmed from above in an angel of 90 degrees. While the performer is moving and working to the sounds and words of Frances Belser. «Manners and Customs – tool# 40» deals with performance practices as well as painting, sculpture and sound. Questions about art production, the tension between creator and creation, about the exchange and the process between the two artists are brought up. The Music to Eva Wandeler’s video-performance tool# 40 is vocalized and arranged by Artist – Musician, Frances Belser. Initially meant to cover Lucio Battisti, “Ancora Tu“. Now the score is far away from the original.

Concept, Performance, Kamera, Schnitt: Eva Wandeler
Sound, Voice: Frances Belser
Sound Engineer: Riccardo Passani, Hastings Zürich
Set Assistant, Set Fotografie: Marco Quandt
Set Assistant: Ivan Bonassi