ritual *deal done – cool down pink / 2016 / performance / in collaboration with Frances Belser / sihlquai55 i n s p a c e visarte zürich

Note: Painting a 72m2 floor with cool down pink

tool# 41 – ritual *deal done – cool down pink is a collaboration between Eva Wandeler and Frances Belser

Where are we rushing off to? We wipe, wash, write, paint… Equipped with huge brushes, the two performers Eva Wandeler and Frances Belser create surfaces and boundaries and dissolve them again. Traces and stains appear on the floor. The tools determine the choreography and force – with the inclusion of parodistic tactics – into specific and sometimes strange postures and sequences. The bodies turn into tools – ritualized everyday actions are taken ad absurdum and determine the visual language. The focus is on performative aspects of work processes and art production per se. The tension between work and labor are questioned and successively sounded out. Performative practices, sculpture, painting and sound are in dialogue with and towards each other. Uncertainty is endured – perfection shattered.

Installation: Brushes made of printer ribbons and alu
Space: backdrop cardboard, four buckets

Color: cool down pink – Within a few minutes the color has a strong calming effect and is mostly used as a low-threshold intervention instrument in situations which are obviously urgent.

conzept, installation, tool, performance: Eva Wandeler
sound, voice, performance: Frances Belser
Sound Engineer: Nadin Hadorn, Hastings Audio Network
Set Assistance: Ivan Bonassi