fast nichts und doch nicht nichts

2005 / room installation / balloons and elastic rope / in collaboration with mit Johanna Altherr / Kunsthalle Arbon, Switzerland

A work between body and space. Several balloon strings are stretched between ceiling and floor to create a closed sculpture, a “molecular labyrinth” of countless air spaces. A something, if only a weaving of hollow spaces and subtle walls. A real thing, but a shy structure that deforms and trembles at the slightest touch. When visitors enter the foamlike structure, the room opens and condenses. If one squeezes through between the strings, the whole installation vibrates. One can sit down on a high seat inside the sculpture and let the slow coming to rest of the structure have an effect on one’s mind. The view to the outside changes according to the position. The closed form falls apart. An optical and tactile confusion between inside and outside takes place. Subject to the process of decay, the form changes daily until only the skeleton of the structure, covered with shreds and shells, remains.