floating borders

floating boarders / 690 Teile 11 cm x 1.8 cm / Forrex, PA-Schrauben, Polysterolspiegel / vonWegen Kulturort Galerie Weiertal 2022

floating borders – A closed line structure of flexible, reflecting segments traces the perimeter of the pond in its length. The floating intervention deals with the conditions of lines and borders – of the terrain, its boundaries and demarcations, with traces of movement and path lines.
Influences of weather and water model the segments, change outline and form. The line becomes a sign, a cipher, a shape – images of vexations emerge and inscribe themselves on the surface of the water. The drifting contour is on the one hand the fluid boundary of the pond and at the same time a seismographic image of a random movement – triggered by natural influences or the visitors themselves.
The surface between the elements is broken by the ephemeral drawing. The image, the reflection oscillate oriented to the meteorological conditions. An ephemeral play of lines, exposed to the continuous changes and external influences, branching, meandering, expanding, contracting again, drawing paths. Everything moves, everything flows, nothing remains.

Exhibition “vonWegen” May 22 – September 4, 2022 Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, Maja von Meiss

The park and the gallery of the Kulturort Weiertal were occupied with nineteen site-specific art projects in the thematic field ” path”. Different social, political and philosophical, but also sensual aspects of the path were illuminated and found their artistic realization in a wide variety of media.
Where do we come from and where are we going? What was before and what is after? The topic ” path” is an open field. Encounters and interactions while being on the way influence decisions and going on. It is about differences and obstacles that we encounter on a path. Detours, waymarks and passages are central aspects of a path. Narrowings and openings and losing a way are part of it. But a way is also simply movement through space and time and can include both individual movement and the movement of social groups.

Curation tac22_temporary art collective: Nico Lazúla, Ruedi Staub, Marion Strunk, Eva Wandeler

With the artists: Peter Baracchi, Anna Maria Balint, Eva Bertschinger, Notta Caflisch, Alex Hanimann, Pascal Lampert, LAST nico lazúla | ruedi staub, Aldo Mozzini, Victorine Müller, Ursula Palla, Stefan, Rohner+Brigit Edelmann, Marion Strunk, Venice Spescha, Andrea Suter, Navid Tschopp, Eva Wandeler, Katharina Anna Wieser, Wink Witholt, Andrea Wolfensberger.