…presque rien…

2008 / installation for dance performance / in collaboration with Company Mafalda / Choreography Theresa Rothemberg / exhibition of the relicts / Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich

In …presque rien… the movement of the human body and its interplay with its surroundings are thematised and visualised in the connection between dance and space. With a creatural body language the dancers explore and discover the space defined by adhesive tapes hanging from the ceiling. Bodies traverse this space. Thereby tapes are torn, put on, bypassed, changed. The tapes stick to the body and become part of it. Through the interaction between the dancers, the resulting body shell is in turn changed and reshaped. The space transforms itself into a body shell and sets new conditions for the body and possibilities of movement. One could say that the space, the environment, the physical perception forms and changes. The supposed contradiction between calculation and chaos imposes itself and is thematized. …presque rien… is dance theatre and at the same time a spatial sculpture that is changed by time and the influence of the dancing bodies. In addition to destruction and change, the handicap and redefinition of the bodies allows a liberating, anarchic energy to emerge from despair.

Space mass & materials: Grid of aluminium tubes (dimensions: 6m x 6m x 4.5m) suspended from the ceiling, rolls of tape positioned on the aluminium grid at a distance of 60 cm and glued to the floor

Installation: Eva Wandeler
Choreography: Teresa Rotemberg in collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Patricia Verònica Rotondaro, Soledad Steinhardt, Tamarah Tossey